How to Make a Photobook Course 1 Week 1

By engaging with this course, you will be ready to produce your own Photobooks
Learn the techniques of creating professional looking photo books comfort of your home from professional photographer and photobook publisher Stewart Wall MA ARPS.
Stewart has many decades of professional experience working for families all over England and is also a fully trained teacher and has taught in colleges and Universities. He has run several successful collaborative photo book events for the Royal Photographic Society EM region, and during this online course in the virtual classroom will teach the skills needed to create photo books.
Each module will build on the previous one. A module comprises of three 75-minute online mini workshops to ensure easy learning. By the end of the course you should be ready to send your photobook away to be printed.
Workshop 1.1 What does a Photobook look like?
  1. Brief history of Photobooks
  2. Three quite different Contemporary Photobook Authors
  3. How to choose a subject for your own Photobook
Workshop 1.2 Focus on your own Photobook
  1. Why does your Photobook have to be made?
  2. What is your book’s concept?
  3. Intro: translating concept into edit and sequence
Workshop 1.3 Editing and Sequencing images for your Photobook
  1. Photobook Editing l Preparing your images
  2. Powerful Sequencing
  3. Visualising your Concept
Workshop 1.4 Guided Homework: Choose your Photobook images