All talks are designed to engage people both interested in photography and developing context for their photography such as working in projects.
A common feedback is that the talk has flown by, which hope means it was interesting and engaging (see feedback below).
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Test Post

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Natalia’s ideas around connection have really interested me Click here to go to Natalia’s website

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A Journey

I’ve realised I need to go on a journey to free myself from the grip of something.

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Feedback from a recent talk

Maureen Robinson
Maureen Robinson
AD&D Photographic Society
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We’ve had great feedback after your presentation. As I said before both your content and easy style made the evening such a success. Well planned and executed. Apart from wanting to visit Essex, Grimsby, Sheffield the whole idea of cataloguing where and how we live through the space we live in I found an interesting concept. One we should all be doing right now regardless of the aesthetics of whether it’s an artistic shot or not. Of course, managing both takes real skill as you illustrated on Wednesday. I’m busy googling many of the places you mentioned and I’m learning photography leads to a bottomless pit of fascinating extra knowledge. Many thanks once again Stewart. I look forward to seeing you again and hopefully hearing another presentation.

Stewart Wall CV

Stewart Wall has over 40 years experience as a professional photographer working in journalism as well as commercial, wedding and portrait photography.
He also teaches in universities and colleges as well as via online delivery.
In the last five years has succesfully completed a BA (Hons) in Photography and Graphic Design, a Masters in Visual Communication (Photography) and a Level 7 PGCE in Teaching.
He works with the Royal Photographic Society as a Distinctions Committee member, Distinctions Assessor and a Regional Organiser