Watch a Photo book being made live using Affinity Publisher

Friday December 10th 2021 at 10am

During the workshop Stewart will discuss important elements of professional book design as he designs such as 1) how to prepare images, 2) DPI/PPI 3) Colour Profiles 4) how to place images on the page 5) How to use text 6) How to prepare your file for printing 7)The Printers Stewart uses. You can ask questions as well

During this two hour workshop you will watch the tutor, Stewart Wall design a photo book using Affinity Publisher live. Stewart has twenty years experience of using DTP programs having started in Quark, then Indesign, and Affinity. He says Affinity is a marvellous program, very similar to Adobe Indesign, but is much more affordable.

Stewart began his career in publishing as a press photographer on a local newspaper, and in 2021 designed the new Royal Photographic Society Photo book distinction and became it’s first chair of the assessors.

What you will learn during the workshop?

During the workshop Stewart will design one of his Caistor Citizen Photo books in front of you. Immediately after the end of the session the book will be sent off for printing, and if you wish to see the finished article you will receive an invite to order one of the first signed copies for just £10 plus posting.

What will you be able to do after attending?

Stewart runs more intense workshops called ‘Making a Photo book – from Concept to Printing’, this two hour workshop is more than a taster for that though. It is designed to give you an understanding and the ability to open up Affinity and design your own book.

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Cost of the Workshop

The cost of this online two hour workshop, which is delivered over Zoom is £10.00

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