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This week I’ve been creating the slides for a series of 6 teaching sessions I am delivering over zoom in South Wales next week. Before COVID I had been booked to travel there in June to deliver the workshops in person, but of course all that has changed now.

The six taster sessions are being delivered via the Royal Photographic Society South Wales Region and have been funded by the Welsh Life-Long learning Educational Authority and it is hoped some of the attendees will book onto the actual courses, one that concerns ‘Documentary Photography’ and the other in ‘Photobook Making’, although as I write this the current diaried courses are already almost booked, so we may have to arrange more, the Regional Organiser, Rhys Jones has done really well with his promotional skills.

In other news, last night I zoomed to the South West and listened to a great talk by retired paramedic Chris Porsz who talked about his street photography. I really loved this image, although Waterstones found it a bit too in their face when he put it onto the front cover of his book and they took it off the shelves. I wish COVID would do one though, and I call her a modern day Churchill giving the virus a sign about what to do...
I then quickly zoomed over to Derbyshire to my newly joined camera club called Rolls Royce Photographic Society and watch Rich talk about how he got involved in aviation photography and how pre COVID arranged workshops for keen hobbyist photographers to hang out of the back of a plane and photograph other planes!
It October I am delivering a documentary photography course for the Royal Photographic Society where you can learn how professional photographers approach story telling, and then maybe use their approaches for your own work. We can all create documentary photography from around our immediate surroundings to show others what the world is really like. If you would like more details of the course click on the image above which is of Ian Berry the Magnum photographer

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