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On the 21st March 2015 I attended a lecture at Birmingham's Photography show by Mary Ellen Mark. She was the American photographer best known for her photojournalism, documentary photography, portraiture, and advertising photography. I write 'was' because just two months later on 25th May she died back at her home in Manhattan, New York.
The auditorium was packed with people who listened to her every word and I felt extremely lucky to get to talk one2one with her afterwards for just a few minutes, and I asked her about the girl called Tiny, who she photographed from a teenager through to womenhood, producing an incredible body of work. Her eyes lit up and she wanted to talk a length about Tiny but was ushered along by her 'minder' at that point. She crossed me as someone who was interested in the story, the camera being how she shared the story with others. I talk about Mary Ellen Mark in my talk entitled 'masters of Photography' and during my Documentary Workshops.
It October I am delivering a documentary photography course for the Royal Photographic Society where you can learn how professional photographers approach story telling, and then maybe use their approaches for your own work. We can all create documentary photography from around our immediate surroundings to show others what the world is really like. If you would like more details of the course click on the image above which is of Ian Berry the Magnum photographer

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