Posted on: September 13, 2020 Posted by: Stewart Wall Comments: 0
I came across this couple today on YouTube who are traveling the world creating visual documentary stories as photo-reporters. If you have heard me talk about documentary photography you will have heard me refer to Tim Gidal, one of was first 'photojournalists' who began in the 1930s to work in a way similar to how we work today. For him it was the new small Leica that made it possible, for these two it is being able to publish through Youtube etc. Gidal would often refer to himself as a 'Photo-reporter'. Gidal especially disliked being called an artist, preferring to be know as an artisan, who someone who created something practical.
I screengrabbed this image from one of their videos to share with you, since for me, this is the essence of 'documentary photography'. It is not about how long you spend on a project but how you inform others of a world they do not normally experience
It October I am delivering a documentary photography course for the Royal Photographic Society where you can learn how professional photographers approach story telling, and then maybe use their approaches for your own work. We can all create documentary photography from around our immediate surroundings to show others what the world is really like. If you would like more details of the course click on the image above which is of Ian Berry the Magnum photographer

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